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Girls in Jacksonville’ will have new development center to learn life skills, expand their education

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — ‘Girls of Virtue’, a local organization aimed at helping young girls in Jacksonville achieve their highest potential, is renovating their first development center in downtown Jacksonville.

“I was an 18-year-old drop out when I first encountered ‘Girls of Virtue’. They pushed me to strive and overcome my insecurities and now I’m a 2021 graduate,” Tarriuana Pickard, a 2021 Biscyance Graduate and program participant said.‘Girls of Virtue’ partners with local high schools to implement classes for girls focused on life skills, mental health, wellness, education, and more.

“Safe space for women to be able to engage and give each other advice and to also help us grow and also become more self-motivated and have a more positive outlook on life.” said Kay’esha Hooks, a recent Lonestar Graduate and program participant said.

Currently ‘Girls of Virtue’ partners with two charter dropout prevention high schools in Jacksonville, one of those is Biscayne High School.


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