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Girls of Virtue

Empowering young women to be grounded spiritually, mentally,

physically, and financially through mentorship and education.

Our mission is to empower young women to be spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially grounded. We achieve this through partnerships with local high schools and our Empowerment Center located downtown.

At the Empowerment Center, we host a variety of workshops every day, each designed to provide the resources necessary for these young women to become grounded. My personal experiences in my industry taught me about credit, money, and communication. I realized the importance of this knowledge and wanted to create a program that challenges young women in the same way.

What started as a small desire to give back has transformed into a life-changing initiative for the young women in our city. Everything we bring into the center, from local partners to volunteers, contributes to the growth of our community and extends our reach.

Hearing about anyone feeling alone and unsure of what to do deeply affects me. But seeing them progress through their struggles gives me hope. It reassures me that Girls of Virtue is becoming more impactful than I could have ever imagined, truly making a difference in the lives of the young women in our city.






Well being



Mental clarity
Coping skills
Processing trauma
Emotional intelligence



Life skills
Money management
How to manage my home
Debt management
Personal and professional skills


“Girls of Virtue has been such a blessing to my life. Not only by providing me the tools and resources I need to be successful but also instilling in me self-confidence and self-worth.”

Allison Fowler
Girls of Virtue Member

I feel that girls of virtue is a great program for young women and that it helped me and a couple of other young ladies that have a hard time to open up. The program and you (Ms Della) makes it a safe space to talk to you know, especially for people like me who have a hard time expressing and explaining how I’m feeling about certain things about life or or Within Myself. And I feel that your building is going to bring like a lot of opportunities to a lot of people, so my opinion of your mentorship is that I am very grateful especially for the multiple opportunities that you have given me to come run with you or to just come studying with you or even having like a chill day you know to even watch a movie, also that you are a very headstrong woman and that you are very determined and very time managed and that I feel like you just want to help people grow a lot more and accomplish more than what they think you know and trying to help young woman like myself to have a more positive view about life and stuff,  trying to be more self-motivated and trying to change you know certain things about my self to help me grow more as a person.

Kay’esha Hooks 

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How Can You Help

We have many ways that you can partner with Girls of Virtue to help, if you don't see a way listed, just ask!


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