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I feel that girls of virtue is a great program for young women and that it helped me and a couple of other young ladies that have a hard time to open up. The program and you (Ms Della) makes it a safe space to talk to you know, especially for people like me who have a hard time expressing and explaining how I’m feeling about certain things about life or or Within Myself. And I feel that your building is going to bring like a lot of opportunities to a lot of people, so my opinion of your mentorship is that I am very grateful especially for the multiple opportunities that you have given me to come run with you or to just come studying with you or even having like a chill day you know to even watch a movie, also that you are a very headstrong woman and that you are very determined and very time managed and that I feel like you just want to help people grow a lot more and accomplish more than what they think you know and trying to help young woman like myself to have a more positive view about life and stuff,  trying to be more self-motivated and trying to change you know certain things about my self to help me grow more as a person.